Sunday, July 12, 2020

Privatization, or life on the "pay-for-service" plan, according to my havruta

I've been taking Project Zug's course in Intro to Social Justice with Tanya, who lived in a number of countries before ending up in the Pacific Northwest, and saw firsthand how different economic systems worked.  This is roughly how she described privatization:

"You sign up for fire insurance.  If you have a fire, you call the fire company, and the fire company asks, "What kind of coverage do you have:  Plan A, Plan B, or Plan C?"  In other words, if you have only Plan A, the firefighters will put out the fire in your garage, but they'll let the rest of the house burn down.

That's the way Donald Trump and his supporters want to run this country--they want the entire nation run on a pay-for-service basis.  Either they see no connection between taxes and services, or they just don't care whether or not services are provided to anyone who isn't rich.


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